Pain. Real-World.


ajj is taking his qualifying test for Grade I come March, I know his IQ will excel except for arithmetic, and I’m confident he’ll pass. Yet perhaps, the right question should be – is he ready for primary school? At 8 Hajj is intelligent it’s just autism will always be his waterloo … a never ending feat that he needs to muster always.


Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

Rematch in 2006? It's bad for all for those who thirst for power and money -- will they ever change? is sacrifice a metaphor? Only from ABOVE knows the answer...


FFVII: Advent Children


inal Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Square-Enix/DVD/English Sub) was a feast in the eyes … much better than the FF: Spirits Within movie. The plot was based on the game, go watch or grab a copy! 3D environment was so rich, jaw dropper and a fun movie to watch …


Gates Tops 'em All


or the 3rd straight year he’s the big-man in the campus with US$51billion … the (world’s) richest self-made billionaire a.k.a. pirate of the Silicon Valley who made a shot at pot, from then on the fat lady won’t stop singing, not just sang but holler … in the Top 5 richest billionaires 4 are in software and hardware (I.T.) --- Microsoft, Oracle and Dell for these guys it’s only a dawning of a new era.

Is I.T. (as in Internet, PC/Console Games, Media) addiction bigger than any religion?


(damn) too early!


re you the intense minuteman? I guess it’s normal for a guy to have premature ejaculation, the passion, and the pre-sex rituals and making sure that she reaches orgasm before you do is already a major yes-yes-yoww. What I think worst to be a speed fucker is having a prejact when your john hasn’t touched or even inside hers yet. That is unacceptable!